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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2004|11:14 am]
i slept really good last nite for some reason. got an email from some indonesian guy who wanted to buy my computer. i think theres some sort of law governing the shipping of electronical devices to indonesia but im not sure, but i told him that my reserve price is 1500 dollars, and he'll have to pay me first before i will even ship anything ;)

Gotta work 4 close tonite and tommarow is the UHL All Star game =)
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2004|12:03 am]
uh.. oh yeah i have a live journal? duh. totaly forgot about ya mr. livey journaly. I just got back from the hockey game. Komets beat Muskegon 6-3. BOOYAH. for the first time in my life, i realized how much of a bitch a few people can be when you compare them to different people. My day started out great. I went to the mall with Stephanie and her friend Stacy. These are the two sweetest girls i have known in my life. Not sitting there critisizing anyone or anything. We went to the mall because i had to buy some shirts for work.( i still work at panera). I dont think ive had that much fun in a long time and i was shopping. Too bad stepahine has a man, and i dunno stacy that well. but stacy was really cute. i wouldnt mind getting to know her a bit more, but i dont wanna ask stephanie for her phone number or anything because they are friends.. and i still am crushin on steph a bit. very confuzzling. Steph and Stacy huged me bye after we left and i was on my merry way. So now i go to the hockey game with my EX Rachel. 1. Rachel needs to get over me. 2. Rachel needs to get over me. 3. Rachel needs to get the FUCK over me. she allways trys to grab my hand n hold on to it, or nuzzle into me or whatever n i dont like that. esp. when we arent dating and i dont want anything but friendship. Then. at the game, Rachel and her friend anna are just stupid obnoxious bitches. I almost left after the 1st period i was sick of their snobby asses.

Stupid irony.. i think its irony.. the girl i want i cant have, the girl that wants me i dont want, and the girl whos super cute is the girl whos friend with the girl i cant have. sounds like a good movie to me.

I've finally gotten over two people who have def. kept me down this last year. Tiffany and Alysha. Tiffany is just.. lol.. i cant really describe how she is. snobby/cuntish/im better than you. makes me wonder what i ever saw in her. and if she ever reads this, i know what shes gunna do, she'll im me, first, and be like wtf. and i'll be like what? n then she'll be like..whatever pz. ;]. Save your self the trouble tiffany and just dont im me ;] Alysha, my "best friend" i dont talk to her, dont care for her, and im happy about it.
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Fuck. [Nov. 2nd, 2003|07:39 pm]
i give up. I give up on being friends with someone that is so nieve to my feelings. This person doesnt even UNDERSTAND why i would be hurt that she likes somebody like she used to like me. ANYBODY in this fucking world would understand why i would be hurt. THIS PERSON does not understand that. i want her to be happy, but what the fuck am i supose to do when i see this person happy with some other guy. And the way me and this person broke up? that hurts even more. im sorry i was not cute enuff for you. but if you loved me? then why the fuck would that even matter. it should not matter at all, inless you are shallow as fuck. how the hell do i know that you even want to be friends with me? how do i know your just doing me some sorta fucked up favor because you know i liked you and u just dont wanna break my heart? too fucken late.
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2003|01:50 pm]
im kinda sick of cam whores.. all of my friends that are girls show off their bodies.. its a lil annoying if you ask me.. for once id just like to watch somebodys cam and not see them showing somtehing off to one of their other friends..
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2003|12:15 pm]
ok. This whole Steve Bartman thing is stupid. it was not his fault that the cubs lost.. it was BERNIE MAC'S FAULT. He's the one who sang "root root root for the *CHAMPS*" Yeah how about you shut your fat mouth. Bernie Mac jinxed the cubs. Bernie Mac is the goat. So quit Blaming Steve, you woulda reached for the ball. Blame Bernie.
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2003|03:27 pm]
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2003|03:00 pm]
well i got a hug for the first time in a long while.. a HUGE hug.. thanks steph i missed you so much!! anyway, me and steph went to the movies and saw School Of Rock. Man that movie is so good.. well talk to you later ;]
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2003|04:01 pm]
You're better off without him, don't call him...
He's breaking your heart.
He's hanging with your best friend and your waiting there,
It's tearing you apart.

He lied to you a thousand times,
When I was there he kept you waiting.

And I'm still here waiting there
To catch you if you fall.
I don't know why I care so much
When I shouldn't care at all.

Finally got the nerve to tell you
How much you mean to me you said that I was your best friend,
A real sweet guy, but that's all I'd ever be.
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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2003|01:20 am]
[mood |dorkydorky]

Krystal, Kristal, Crystal, how ever you spell it.. ;x thanks for the message, i really appreciate your kindness and taking the time out to even call some weird stranger guy ;x hopefully we can talk sometime on aim or whatever, u know the sn ;] and im on..too much so.. im pretty sure you'll catch me on.. well peace love n waffles

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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2003|04:00 pm]
Man i swear, im never gunna find the right girl. all of the girls i want are either taken or would rather just be my friend.. fuck that, im going on 20 years old here, im not looking for a fling, im looking for long term here.. i think im just jelious of people that are happy with their bf's or gf's or whatever.. i wanna be happy.. its so hard :(

finally got a new webby cam, took some pix, send them to lysha and nesser, if you want them, talk to me n i'll send em.

I have school tonite at 5pm, i get out around 11, mother fucker ;[ but like allways i'll prolly duck out around 10 pm, so i can sleep normal. school. man.. 1 1/2 more years and im done..thank god.. then i can get the bachelors which is.. longer.. yay.

Catch ya'll on the flipside.
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